Researcher - ESR 10

Arno Krause

Medical University Vienna (Austria)
Supervisor: Wolfgang Drexler
Project: Multimodal intraoperative handheld forward-imaging probe
My career started after my high school diploma in Jena, Germany, in 2014. At the Friedrich-Schiller-University I studied physics and received a Master degree in 2019. There, I could develop a professional knowledge in optics and especially in optical coherence tomography. In my Bachelor thesis I was introduced into OCT by working in the Nonlinear Optics group. As consequence, I have focused my Master studies in this area, which finally led to a Master thesis at the Carl Zeiss AG developing an ophthalmic OCT setup within the European project OCTChip. To extent my knowledge in the biomedical field, I moved to the Medical University of Vienna in the Leitgeb and Drexler group. Here, I have the chance to work as an early-stage researcher in the European training network PHAST developing novel optical imaging technologies.

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