Hybrid diffuse optical monitoring and theranostics with blood flow and oxygen metabolism biomarkers on pre-clinical models
Host institution/company
ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences (Spain)
Prof. Turgut Durduran, Medical Optics Research group, (ICFO -The Institute
of Photonic Sciences)

Dr. Udo Weigel (Hemophotonics SL).
Type of contract
36-months full-time research grant within the PHAST-ETN project
Brief description of the project
ICFO-Medical Optics group (PI: Turgut Durduran) works with diffuse optical methods (near-infrared spectroscopy, diffuse correlation spectroscopy and others) to develop technologies for pre-clinical and clinical applications. Our work encompasses a wide-range of applications and is driven by the clinical needs. Hence, we work with a network of hospitals and biomedical centers in Spain and around the world. The ESR activity will include all aspects of this research and development and focus on theranostics for developing new biomarkers in critical clinical applications. A close link with industry is also foreseen by joint-supervision with a spin-off company and secondments at clinical and technical partners in Italy and Spain.

Specific instructions for the local institution
Applicants shall accomplish an internal selection process for confirmation of admissibility at ICFO in addition to the specific one for the PHAST-ETN project.

Applicants should hold or expect to attain, as a minimum a master’s degree one of the following fields physics, photonics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering. Those holding degrees in other biomedical sciences should indicate their interests in the development of new medical technologies.

Knowledge and Experience
- A demonstrated track record of research in biomedical or engineering sciences.
- Knowledge in experimental methods.
- Knowledge in numerical computing.

- Prior experience in biomedical optics.
- Experience in biostatistics.
- Experience in instrumentation.
Skills and Competencies
Competency in scientific languages such as Matlab, R, Python.
Competency in scientific writing and presentation skills.
Further information
For any informal queries, please contact Prof. Turgut Durduran by email at
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